March 23, 2010

How to create a multi-unit tracking application

I am currently working on an application that will allow users to track any number of GPS enabled radios within a specified group. The key to this application is the proprietary GPWGT NMEA string which not only has GPS location info but also an identifier. These strings are typically transmitted from each radio in a group or polled by a central radio in a group. This string has the basic construct of

$GPWGT,<FixStatus>,DD.MMMMM,d,DDD.MMMMM,d,<Altitude>, <COURSES>,<SPEED>,<NameId>,<SCODE>,<GroupId>,<Status>,<ICON>,<Date>,<Time>*CC<CR><LF>


Scott Colefax said...

Hi Gerry,
Very interested in this project I have just started to trial some of these GPS MIICs and really need a plugin or program to collect this info and feed it into other gis programs. I would be keen to know what the target gis programs are and how far along the project is. I have a large client ready to deploy a solution just need to find it.
Scott Colefax

Press Release Distribution said...

Very technical, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. personally I like it much.